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My Learning hub

Simple, feature-rich Learning Management System that creates an engaging and competitive learning environment.

Employees can plan their training and quickly achieve the required certificates while minimising company’s expenses.

my learning hub

My learning hub is ideal for:

HR Managers
Simplify data management

Collect data across all HR and legacy systems. Guide your staff in the right direction with career mapping tools.

L&D Managers
Monitor compliance

Better understand staff competencies. Generate automated certificates and expiry notifications.

Increase user engagement

Make the learning process less daunting using our gamification and collaboration tools. Allow staff to set clear training goals and track their progress.


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Six Problems of Learning Management Systems

We spoke to 500 private firms and these are the top six problems they have experienced:
400 councils
100 housing associations

Data Migration Issues

If the client needs to change data fields or switch to a new HR software, the system becomes unusable and all the data needs to be flushed, which is both expensive and time-consuming.

Our Solution:

My Learning Hub allows admin users to update data fields as and when required.

Our Solution

Reporting tools are not robust enough and do not generate data as promised or lack customisation options.

Our Solution:

We understand that it is not about the list of reports that a system can generate, but what the user can do with this data.

Our Solution
Lack of Customisation

Many LMS systems are unable to keep up with corporate evolving needs. Once the logos and themes have been set, they cannot easily be updated.

Our Solution:

My Learning Hub comes packed with white-labelling settings as standard, allows you to choose what level of customisation you want and update it in case your company goes through re-branding.

Our Solution

Management Teams find it difficult to get a full list of notifications which are generated in the system and are unable to edit the text without having to contact technical support.

Our Solution:

My Learning Hub allows admin to view, edit and select which users should receive notifications and how they should be sent to them (e.g. Email and SMS) all on one page.

Our Solution
Unplanned Expenses

95% of the organisations we contacted have experienced hidden costs and were asked to pay for software upgrades. LMS providers charge a relatively low entry price and are not clear about what is included in the package.

Our Solution:

We understand how frustrating it can be when you are unable to predict the costs of maintaining or updating your LMS.

At My Learning Hub you don’t need to pay extra  or wait until the contract renewal to receive your LMS upgrade.

We are crystal clear about our pricing and what is included in your subscription package. All software upgrades are free, integrations are included and there are no hidden costs.

You are in full control of how much you want to spend on technical support and custom development is completed at a fixed cost.

Our Solution
Limited Training and Support

End users do not receive enough training and quality reviews, the workflows are complicated to understand and many staff members find it difficult to go through lengthy PDF manuals.

Our Solution:

We do not over-promise and guarantee to deliver on our Service Level Agreement.

Scrolling through pages of written manuals is a thing of the past. We give all of our clients access to a library of scenario-based videos which show how each feature works and 3 months of complimentary technical support after the system goes live.

Our enterprise clients benefit from customised videos made specifically for them, a dedicated account manager and unlimited technical support throughout the full duration of the contract based on a custom Service Level Agreement.

Our Solution
my online hub
Kay Maguire

Learning and Development
Specialist “Coillte – Irish
Forestry Board”

Management of Compliance Training requirements is an important element in supporting Coillte’s Health and Safety, Environmental, PEFC, FSC and ISO 18001 standards.

This process was previously carried out manually and the systematization of this same means that training standards are set out clearly for managers and contractors. Reports made it easy to track compliance and automated reminders made it less stressful managing refresher training.

My Learning Hub delivered on all our requirements and adjusted the system along the way with minor changes completed at no additional cost. The My LearningHub Team worked effectively with our Project Managers to ensure all major changes were delivered within budget.

We take customer support seriously and fix costs throughout the duration of the contract, to make it easier for our clients to plan future expenditure.

This helps our customers easily manage future budgets and make sure they can meet their staff training and development needs.

Easily manage permissions and access control

Reward employees for their achievements

Save time using automated workflows

Case studies

Coillte are Ireland’s largest National Forestry Service who manage approximately 500,000 acres of estate which amounts to roughly 7% of land across all of Ireland. Coillte are vicariously liable for any accidents occurring on their estates.

We provided a complete white-labelled compliance management and training solution which allowed users to book onto classroom and face to face training sessions in different locations around the country. This enabled the management team to create, download and schedule non-compliance, financial and custom reports to automatically receive updated data records to better manage resources.

A leading digital marketing agency required a cost-effective corporate training portal to manage the learning and development of their personnel as their business needs changed.

Yellow Pages wanted to change their employees’ perception and approach towards online learning and within only 10 weeks of My Learning Hub being rolled out end user engagement increased by 120%.

Our LMS enabled Yellow Pages to successfully deliver multi-device blended learning to over 1,000 employees and helped them save £25,000 annually on L&D costs.

Hasdrubal Thalassa and Spa

Hasdrubal Thalassa and Spa Group have four 5 star hotels, spas and resorts across Tunisia. Onboarding approximately 1,000 new hires a year required a substantial amount of time and money. They needed a system which would not only help to onboard new employees but also reduce HR overheads and increase their staff retention rate.

My Learning Hub deployed an LMS for Hasdrubal within 8 weeks filled with engaging features such as personal development plans and reports to reduce administration efforts to manage training, compliance and development of staff members across regional branches.

learning hub online

Hyundai is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers, which sells over 300,000 cars per year in Ukraine.

Hyundai needed a solution to manage 4,000 users online testing and delivering blended learning for their service technicians, sales advisors and management on a limited timeline and budget.

Our LMS helped Hyundai achieve its corporate strategy of promoting blended learning courses, assessments and online training to improve staff performance, competencies and ultimately increase staff retention.

e learning hub

Our Challenge was to deliver a high quality LMS in seven different languages, as well as, providing excellent group working, blended learning capabilities and collaboration features to connect students internationally.

We delivered a responsive HTML5 based LMS which Amolingua users could easily access from a variety of different platforms including Windows 7+, tablets and mobile phones.

We successfully achieved a cross European roll-out and provided an LMS available in seven different languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

virtual online learning


Liverpool Mutual Homes is one of the largest housing associations in the UK managing over 15,000 homes and investing over £900 million to build new ones.

Our challenge was to implement a virtual learning environment, where training could be coordinated, administered and reported on from a central data repository at group wide level.

My Learning Hub allowed LMH staff to easily create personal development plans and set measurable career goals which could then be approved and tracked by their supervisors through a range of reporting tools. Our Gamification features kicked in to make the whole process more engaging and create a competitive environment within the company.



Leave your e-mail and we will send you a detailed presentation about My Learning Hub

Additional services

E-learning Content

You can choose from over 20,000 courses or instruct us to develop a course from scratch.


Authoring Tool

Create, edit or simply keep your training content up-to-date without employing a full-time instructional designer.


Custom Development

We have a strong development team who are ready to take on any challenges and requests to provide a truly customised learning experience at a fixed cost.


Support Packages

We want to give our clients full control of their expenses. Choose a suitable plan from one of our packages with 20, 50, 100 or unlimited support hours and know exactly how much you are going to spend.


Integration with 3rd party software

Our software seamlessly integrates with most HR and legacy systems, as well as, webinar platforms such as WebEx and Adobe Connect. In case you have any special requests to integrate with a system we have never worked with before, we can do this at no additional cost.



We deliver a series of free training seminars to all of our enterprise clients and would be happy to provide additional training at a fixed cost.