As soon as your employees log into the system, they can see the list of courses which need to be completed as a part of their job role.

At the top of the screen there is a set of hot buttons taking the user to the most used features such as: Progression Report, Course Library, Enrolments, Calendar, Leaderboard and Team View.


The users can view the course materials such as: SCORM files, Videos, PDF, Power Points, Surveys and Quizzes all on one page as they progress through the course with a minimum number of clicks and make any relevant notes along the way. Our system allows you to include various restrictions so the users can’t skip the videos, slides or pages to ensure they go through the training properly and remember what they have learnt.


In case the user is a part of a specific group or division, our system will clearly show their team members with an option to search by name and send direct messages.

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When your colleagues go to their user profile, they can see easily see their current training records and expiry dates.


The user can easily view their current certificates, download them to print or drag and drop any custom certificates in case they have completed some equivalent training with another employer.


Staff can easily access their overall progression report, see how many badges they achieved and how many courses are due to expire soon. When they click on each course, they can view a more detailed progression report and clearly see any quiz results or feedback from their trainer.

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