To MOOC or not to MOOC? [Infographic]

The interesting infographic above takes a look at some of the pros and cons of MOOCS, and some statistics about their successes and popularity. 

MOOCS – Still Going Strong?

MOOCS offer lots of advantages:

  • They are usually free
  • Offers a solution to facility overcrowding
  • Creates a dynamic archive of class material
  • Force professors to improve lectures
  • Break down distance barriers

There are also disadvantages:

  • There is a lot of motivation based on profits
  • “Wal-martification” of higher education
  • Cost cutting to privatize public higher education
  • Creates a two-tier higher education system: “real” education for those who can afford it, and “bargain” education for those who can’t.

A few statistics:

  • MOOCs have a 93% failure rate (meaning 93% of enrolled participants don’t finish – for a variety of reasons. Not necessarily because they tried and couldn’t do it).
  • The student teacher ratio is 150,000 to 1 – that’s a lot. 
  • 2 billion potential learners in the world



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