5 Types of Online Students


In its recent study The Boston Consulting Group identified 5 distinct types of online learners that displays important differences and approaches to education, priorities, and methods of engagement.

1. True Believers

These learners tend to live in rural areas and take 76% of classes online or blended courses. Generally, they are most satisfied with online learning and believe that online courses help to reduce costs for education; however, they don’t think that e-learning is necessarily lower in quality than traditional classes.

2. Online Rejecters

They are more likely to live in suburbs, studying social sciences and getting good grades. They prefer traditional classroom lessons over online courses and, therefore, they are quite skeptical towards the quality, effectiveness and career outcomes of online education.

3. Experience Seekers

They are more likely to live in urban areas, studying at college and actively using career services. They are satisfied with online and blended courses and believe that online classes are generally effective as they can provide personalized learning.

4. Money Mavens

This group of learners is typically male millennials enrolled in a STEM degree program. They are driven by finances to take online courses and believe that traditional education is a waste of money.

5. Open Minds

Learners in this segment are generally satisfied with blended courses and don’t consider online education as less credible than traditional classes. However, while they share the same attitudes as True Believers, they still value the classroom experience.


Summing up, the BCG suggests that educational institutions need to pay attention to these categories of learners and shifts in demand they represent as traditional models will not reach most of the population in the near future.

Valeriya Polevikova

Marketing Assistant at Unius Learning

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