eLearning in 2075: From Chalkboards To Chat Boards?

E-learning in future will probably involve technologies and platforms that will be based on current trends. And you can use them already now to improve your courses. Let’s see on some of the recently popular and emerging trends, which could easily develop into exciting, advanced, and helpful learning models. 

  • MOOCs

With this model, learning is possible for just about anyone with an internet connection. Though MOOC providers are still figuring out ways to monetize this platform, free online education will probably just get better and better, become more accessible, and permeate throughout more avenues.

  • mLearning (Mobile Learning)

Soon, online courses will become readily accessible on mobile devices. For instance, why do a geometry word problem on paper when you can actually go into the field and take measurements and make calculations, such as finding the length of the hypotenuse between the ground and the Statue of Liberty, which they can then input into their mobile device and use as part of the lesson?

  • Virtual Technologies

Futuristic virtual reality technologies could actually put learners in the role of discoverer, astronaut, historical figure, businessman, etc. Sometimes called “immersive multimedia,” the possibilities of virtual reality are endless (literally), because if you can imagine it, you could virtually design it, interact with it, and incorporate it into the learning experience.

  • Gamification

elearning courses of the future will likely resemble an interactive video game rather than a traditional lecture. Learners like games. They like challenges, interactive elements, and opportunities to develop strategies. They also like mastering concepts (leveling up), immediate feedback, and characters with distinct personalities. Great courses of the future will likely include many of these elements which will make the learning experience so exciting, interactive, and fun that learners can’t wait to participate and reap the benefits by mastering the content.

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