6 Must-Have Tools for Online Learners

Online learning has become very popular. Many students take online classes that aren’t offered at their local university, and some high school students even take their entire course load from home now. While you might take an online class with nothing more than a web browser, there are some tools that make online learning easier for both students and teachers.

A Webcam

This is a fairly basic tool, and many laptops now have webcams built in. However, if you don’t have a webcam, you may find yourself fairly limited in what you can do as far as interaction is concerned. For teachers, it’s almost an absolute must-have. It helps greatly if your students can see and hear you. Visual conference calls for group discussions are so much better if students can simply speak instead of typing out everything they want to say.

A Headset

A headset is another basic online educational tool, and it can make a huge difference in the quality of sound. Many people find it much easier to hear and focus on online videos and discussions if they have a headset. For students who may be in a public area or who have a lot of background noise, headsets are vital. Many also have microphones built into them.

A Blog

When used in online education, blogs function like journals or short essays. Students keep a blog on a free platforms and teachers can easily read and evaluate these blogs at any time, and they can even leave comments like they might on a traditional pen and paper essay. At the same time students may even read each other’s works and leave feedback.

A Conference Program

While some online courses don’t require students to be online at the same time, it can be very helpful to host an online web conference several times throughout the course. Seeing each other and the instructor face to face can be very helpful. These conferences allow users to not only see and speak to each other, but also control who can speak, send text messages, and more. This is a great tool for distance learning.

Software to Use for Note-Taking

Many students use a notepad or a word processing program like Microsoft Word to take notes, but there are specific programs designed for note-taking in which online students might be interested. Microsoft OneNote and Evernote are just two of them. These programs do more than just help students take notes and organize them. They also make it easy to share these notes and compile notes from different sources, including text, emails, documents, and online resources.

Educational Software

Some software is designed, specifically, for online learning. Teachers can send out announcements to all students, share documents and slideshows, and even send out assignments and see who has done them. This software also lets teachers create quizzes, has an online grade book tool, and a poll feature that gives teachers feedback.

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