5 job and career trends you will see in 2015


Struggling to find a job? Check up new employment trends that will change the job market in the near future.

1. The death of HR

Increasingly, companies are turning towards current employees to recruit new team members. With recruiters typically charging 15 to 20% of a new employee’s starting salary, this makes good business sense.

2. Resumes as infographics

In 2015, we could start using infographics as resumes and turn to social media platforms to job-seek. It worked for writer Greg Jericho, who quit his job then credited Twitter with getting him his next role. As he once explained in The Australian: “I think the best thing is how it can be used to build relationships – that’s how I got the job.”

3. MOOCs and continuing adult study

A massive open online course (or MOOC) is done via open access on the web. In 2015, we will see a lot of students and working professionals, choosing to study with online education in an increasingly competitive job market.

4. Internships

Internships are no longer just for school-leavers. In 2015, people in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond are entering into internship arrangements to get the skills and experience they need to remain current and competitive. However, further measures must also be taken to avoid job-seeker exploitation.

5. Mobile optimisation of websites

It’s all about mobile. With customers now requiring information in the palms of their hands, everyone is thinking about how their product or customer experience translates to various mobile devices. Keep your smartphone handy and stay on top of the trend.


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Valeriya Polevikova

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