4 steps to create effective eLearning courses


There are lot of things that a teacher needs to consider before designing the course. But what makes eLearning really effective? Elearning industry has listed several steps needed to deliver results:

1. Stand out of the crowd. 

The use of 3D worlds and video presenters helps eLearners to stay focused and makes the e-Learning stand out from PowerPoint presentations. In other words, surprise the student and he will learn.

2. Make use of video. 

If an image paints a thousand words then a video paints many more. The use of video can convey far more than an inserted stock photo.

3. Make the design relevant. 

The use of multimedia tools and applications makes the learning process more interesting but it should be conformed to learning goals. Ensure that multimedia helps convey and not distract from the learning message.

4. Use interaction only where necessary.

Do not add interactivity to every page. Many students find it frustrating as the information flow is destroyed. It is suggested that interactions should only be utilized when contextually necessary (dragging a page of a book to open it, clicking on a menu item, answering a quiz question etc.). If the course is intersting it doesn’t need any additional features.

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Valeriya Polevikova

Marketing Assistant at Unius

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