3 Different Things You Can Do With Google Classroom


Google’s advance in the education field has brought to schools around the globe affordable devices and effortless access to educational content. Google’s latest solution for learning is called Google Classroom and it will be available at the beginning of the school year. Check what you can do with Google Classroom and how it can be used in the teaching process. 

Overall Design & Purpose

Google Classroom’s interface is simple and free of unnecessary distractions, created to help the user focus on productivity. Google Classroom features some of the best tools teachers can use to manage and distribute assignments and class announcements. Also, it provides teachers and students with a safe environment to communicate with each other and exchange ideas and comments on educational content. 

Paperless Classrooms

Google Classroom is a fantastic tool for teachers who wish to create a paperless classroom environment that allows the teacher to have instant access to student work, and manage every aspect of the classroom workflow digitally. The true power of Google Classroom lays in the fact that it weaves together Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail, and Drive to eliminate the need for hard copies. This allows teachers to:

• Create a document, a spreadsheet, a presentation, or a form
• Distribute this assignment to students
• Customize due dates, organization of content, and copies of the assignment for every student

Flipped Classrooms

Google Classroom may be the perfect tool a teacher can use to flip a lesson or an entire class. The flipped classroom’s ability to personalize learning to all students and make them take ownership of their learning can be greatly enhanced with Google Classroom. For instance, videos, presentations, and other material can be delivered to students outside of class using Google Classroom. Students can not only access and review content, but also have a safe avenue for online discussions with their teacher or other students that can clarify misconceptions and help students master the content. 

Google Classroom’s primary purpose is be used in the classroom by teachers and students, however, nothing can stop us from finding more creative ways to take advantage of such a great tool of content delivery and organization.

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