LMS for Course Providers

  Selling e-learning courses is possible for every size of business with a learning management system. For many course providers, two of the biggest concerns will be technical: where to host the content and how to sell courses online? A cloud-based LMS provider can provide the hosting solution including management of hosting, delivery and, of…. Read more

5 Types of Online Students

In its recent study The Boston Consulting Group identified 5 distinct types of online learners that displays important differences and approaches to education, priorities, and methods of engagement. 1. True Believers These learners tend to live in rural areas and take 76% of classes online or blended courses. Generally, they are most satisfied with online…. Read more

6 tips to use colors when designing online courses [Infographic]

Color psychology for eLearning design: Use Colors Based on Their Meanings Even developers who personally dismiss the idea that every color has a distinct meaning should take color connotations into account when designing eLearning courses. This is because the students may consider the significance of color, whether consciously or unconsciously. Enhance Learning and Improve ComprehensionAs color…. Read more