Pros and Cons of Totara

Pros and Cons of Totara Main

  Totara is an open source learning management system based on Moodle with some 8.5 million users worldwide. It is available by subscription paid annually based on the number of users and requires hosting as a separate service. Totara has many powerful features, such as cloud technology and mobile learning features, learning paths, compliance management…. Read more

Pros and Cons of WordPress Learning Management Systems

Pros and Cons WorldPress Main

  WordPress, which started out as blogging platform in 2003, is now estimated to run 27+% of the top 10 million web sites and is reputedly the most popular content management system (CMS) for blogging or managing web sites. Three of WordPress’s biggest attractions are that the core system is free, open source and comes…. Read more

Pros and Cons of Open Source Learning Management Systems

Open Source LMS Main

  Open source software offers the prospect of developing corporate learning management systems at a low cost. While this can seem very attractive to organisations with small budgets, there are serious considerations to be made before taking up this option. Free or low-cost options often come with increased risk when compared with purchasing from a…. Read more

Pros and Cons of LMS developed In-House

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  The main attraction of developing your own corporate learning management system in-house is that you can build it exactly as you want it instead of having to compromise. This would give you the ideal LMS, but how practical is it to build your own system and what are the business consequences? Pros of building…. Read more

Future of Learning Management Systems

Future of LMS

  A learning management system requires an effective learning management strategy to produce outstanding results. Just as a priceless violin will remain silent until picked up and played by a virtuoso musician, an LMS will produce nothing if motivated employees do not sign in and use it. Organisations who consider their LMS a failure often…. Read more

Corporate LMS: Compliance vs Engagement

  Mention ‘compliance’ and enthusiasm is likely to drain from employees’ faces. Yet whatever sector you operate in, there is some level of compliance required by laws, regulations, standards or other forms of governance. Compliance is, of course, essential. A forklift driver needs required licences and certification for very good reasons and a company would…. Read more

The Role of Learning Management Systems in Organisations

  How often have you heard a senior executive of an organisation say that their people are their most important asset only to see that they do not look after them? A learning management system can help an organisation look after its people well by putting their learning at its heart. While an LMS can…. Read more

LMS for onboarding

  Estimates that replacing a staff member can cost £20-£30,000 and that new joiners generally reach optimum productivity after 20-30 weeks highlight the importance of onboarding best practices and an effective employee retention strategy. If you want every new joiner to become a productive, long-term member of staff, good onboarding is essential. While one-to-one training…. Read more

Evolution of learning management systems

  Organisations have managed learning in one way or another for centuries, but it is the development and proliferation of computing and communications devices that have brought learning management systems to where they are today. Below are just a few of the significant events in the development and uptake of the LMS. While there have…. Read more