Future of Learning Management Systems

Future of LMS

  A learning management system requires an effective learning management strategy to produce outstanding results. Just as a priceless violin will remain silent until picked up and played by a virtuoso musician, an LMS will produce nothing if motivated employees do not sign in and use it. Organisations who consider their LMS a failure often…. Read more

Evolution of learning management systems

  Organisations have managed learning in one way or another for centuries, but it is the development and proliferation of computing and communications devices that have brought learning management systems to where they are today. Below are just a few of the significant events in the development and uptake of the LMS. While there have…. Read more

Top 10 authoring tools

Top 10 authoring tools When creating your own e-learning content for your company’s learning management system, you want to use the best content authoring tools. Here is our top 10 pick – most offer free trials: Adapt Adapt is a project to create the leading authoring tool for producing responsive, multi-device e-learning. It is a…. Read more

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is generally defined as training or education that combines e-learning with classroom teaching. Learners attend classroom sessions with a teacher as well as accessing online training content remotely. Blended learning can be an effective way to deliver training because it is less reliant on employees having to attend classroom lessons. This can make…. Read more

Top 10 useful LMS integrations

LMS integrations

Corporate learning management systems deliver substantial benefits themselves, but when integrated with your legacy systems or external services, such as social networks, add even greater value to all the data you gather throughout your organisation. Here are our top 10 LMS integrations: HR – Human resources software – known as Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS),…. Read more

Is your LMS up to date?

Is your LMS up-to-date

As with most technology, corporate learning management systems evolve continuously. It’s impossible to keep up with all developments, but what essential new features are missing from your LMS and make it out of date? Single sign-on – Users expect to access everything once they have signed on to your LMS and having to sign on…. Read more

Does your LMS have social learning?

social learning

Social learning capitalises on the knowledge and experience existing within your workforce, making it easier for employees to locate the expertise they need and to share  their own knowledge. Social learning sits naturally in learning management systems because it complements formal training. Whereas a reluctant employee might have to be compelled to complete a training…. Read more

Microlearning with your LMS


Faced with a long, drawn-out training course, many of us can give up mentally before we’ve even started the first class. Microlearning offers an alternative, splitting courses into smaller chunks so learning is easier and progress more visible. Learning management systems are ideal for delivering microlearning and can make content accessible anywhere over desktop or…. Read more

Gamification in E-learning


None of us is always in the mood for training so motivation is important to encourage employees to make a start and complete courses. Gamification is a powerful feature of learning management systems, which, when used effectively, increases employee engagement and at the same time ensures they learn what is needed for their personal development…. Read more

The application of AI in E-learning

artificial intelligence

One-to-one learning is often regarded as the best way to learn, but for organisations with 10s, 100s or 1,000s of employees this approach isn’t practical or affordable. Instead employees learn through the same generic classroom training or online programmes delivered to all learners, regardless of their ability and with no personalisation to an individual’s learning…. Read more