Does Your LMS Have Career Maps?

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  Career mapping is a valuable tool for both organisations and their employees. Where a business is unclear about what learning and development its employees require to achieve its business objectives or employees are confused about what development options are available to them, career maps delivered through a learning management system can provide much-needed clarity….. Read more

Customer Training Online

High quality customer service is vital for all companies, as it has a direct impact on the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. The right client training platform allows customers to resolve their issues and problems quickly and competently and access to product information easily.  As a result, clients feel appreciated and respected and it…. Read more

My Learning Hub recognised as an official supplier by the Crown Commercial Service

  Leading E-learning provider My Learning Hub has been appointed as an approved supplier by the Crown Commercial Service for the Digital Outcomes framework agreement (RM1043iv). Being recognised as an official supplier will position us as one of the key partners for public sector contracts going forward. We are excited to have the opportunity to further build on…. Read more

LMS for corporate learning

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The right learning management system software can significantly improve the performance of your company as it allows HR managers to: design, implement, analyze and evaluate corporate training programs to ensure employees realize their potential. It gives the opportunity to combine training initiatives with a variety of activities and provide the professional development of employees by…. Read more

Optimizing onboarding process

A comprehensive onboarding program can significantly improve the performance of new employees and help to build and sustain high-performing teams. Unfortunately, only a few companies manage this process well as most new employees don’t receive a: clear understanding about the organisation, information or any knowledge about who their team members are and what they require…. Read more

Top 3 benefits of LMS for your sales team

A high-performing sales team is crucial for a profitable business. The quality of management is a significant factor which determines whether a company is successful or not. Top-notch training and broad experience of your staff are the key components to achieving successful sales and long-lasting customer relationships. Experienced sales managers can not only lead a company through…. Read more

Why do small businesses need HR software solutions?

Your business is growing fast and you want to make it more agile, achieve your goals quicker and manage projects with fewer resources.  On the other hand you need to hire new employees, develop new departments and may find that it becomes increasingly difficult to manage your business and get your staff to produce the…. Read more

Top 5 reasons to use an LMS within the hospitality industry

Online learning management systems such as My Learning Hub, can instantly add a guaranteed advantage to all types of businesses especially those within the hospitality and leisure sectors. In our blog, we will share the top 5 reasons why an LMS is an effective tool to increase your staff retention rate and save a fortune….. Read more

Onboarding Best Practices

How to build a successful onboarding program? Onboarding employees is a strategic process of bringing a newcomer in to the company and providing them training and coaching throughout the transition. A positive employee onboarding experience is crucial for organisations as it: motivates, inspires and enhances new employee’s contributions, productivity and commitment to the role. A…. Read more

Employee retention strategy

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How to retain your best employees? Retaining the best talent is critical to businesses. High employee turnover can negatively affect a firm, harm a company’s ability to provide good customer service and lead to higher costs associated with recruiting, selecting and training new workers. Hence, it is important to indicate the motives of departing employees…. Read more