Pros and Cons of Open Source Learning Management Systems

Open Source LMS Main

  Open source software offers the prospect of developing corporate learning management systems at a low cost. While this can seem very attractive to organisations with small budgets, there are serious considerations to be made before taking up this option. Free or low-cost options often come with increased risk when compared with purchasing from a…. Read more

LMS for Public Sector: Councils and Housing Associations

  The public sector continues to face some of the biggest challenges ever as events such as Brexit signal immense future change at every level of government while causing uncertainty in the present. The sector also continues to experience funding cuts, so that employees are under more pressure but required to provide the same and,…. Read more

Pros and Cons of LMS developed in-house

The main attraction of developing your own corporate learning management system in-house is that you can build it exactly as you want it instead of having to compromise. This would give you the ideal LMS, but how practical is it to build your own system and what are the business consequences? Pros of building your…. Read more