The role of L&D and HR in successful LMS implementation

  People – the employees of an organisation – must always be the main focus of any learning management system. A human resources (HR) department exists to manage everything regarding the people in an organisation, from recruitment to payroll, while the role of the learning and development (L&D) team is to manage and provide people…. Read more

Why you need to integrate your LMS with your HR system

Top HR systems

A corporate learning management system has the potential to deliver significant value to your organisation, but you will not be able to take full advantage if it is not integrated with your HR system(s). HR systems – known as Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) –…. Read more

How to get a job? Top 5 trends in recruitment you need to know

Every year recent graduates face the employability challenges and struggle to find a job, trying to assess their career possibilities and impress the potential employer. However, it’s common knowledge that most of the CVs are not viewed by recruiters and go right in the bin. Unius has decided to look at top trends in recruitment…. Read more