Employment Skills: How To Perform Well In Job Interviews

Plenty of candidates get nervous at job interviews because they know that their qualifications and skills are just a part of what the HR manager is looking for. Whether you get a job depends mostly on how you perform at an interview. Here we outlined some guidelines how you should prepare and behave at the interview…. Read more

How To Get Hired Today: Guidelines For Writing A Cover Letter

  Cover letter is a letter that goes alongside your CV and presents yourself to an employer; therefore it’s a very important document. It should be professional and have an organized structure. Here we summarized some key points how you need to plan and write your cover letter to be invited to an on-site interview:…. Read more

How to get a job? Top 5 trends in recruitment you need to know

Every year recent graduates face the employability challenges and struggle to find a job, trying to assess their career possibilities and impress the potential employer. However, it’s common knowledge that most of the CVs are not viewed by recruiters and go right in the bin. Unius has decided to look at top trends in recruitment…. Read more