How to Get a Job With No Experience

Breaking into an industry or switching to a new field requires you to earn an entry-level job where you can improve your qualifications. Learn what you can do when an employer requires relevant experience and you have none. Start volunteering Hiring managers consider volunteer work experience a valuable asset when considering candidates as it shows…. Read more

The skills gap [Infographic]

Bridging the Gap in Today’s Skill Lacking Economy The Skills Gap Infographic focuses on the extreme skill gap in today’s economy. Is it a skill gap or education gap? The growing gap between the market places’ current skills and the future capabilities of the marketplace to meet the needs for future development is what is…. Read more

4 things your CV should not have

When you submit your CV, it’s better to be good.  If you want to make a good impression, do not commit mistakes, summarized below: 1. Do not include photos  Although it is common in some countries, unless you are somebody whose appearance is an integral part of their CV, such as an actress, model or dancer, do…. Read more

How to prepare for a job interview: a step-by-step guide

Good preparation seems to be essential to a successful job interview.  We summarized top tips provided by job searching experts and outlined the most important stages in the preparation process. Step 1.  Know yourself Such questions as “tell me about yourself” or “let’s talk about your CV” are normally asked by every employer and it seems…. Read more