Features checklist – 9 must-have LMS features

lms checklist

Selecting the best corporate learning management system for your organisation can seem a tough challenge when there are so many options to consider. Below we outline nine must-have LMS features to support your employees in their learning and ensure continuous business improvement. Gamification – A powerful motivator to involve employees in managing their own development…. Read more

Hiring the right onboarding manager


Recently onboarding has become a popular term to characterize the new employee initiation process. Onboarding programs integrate a newcomer into the corporate culture, reduce employee turnover and prevent future spending on recruiting. It makes the job of the onboarding manager critical. The right onboarding manager is responsible for inspiring great performance in newcomers. He conducts…. Read more

Corporate Training

corporate training

Corporate training is related to the essential tasks that staff need to perform in an effective and competent manner. The main role of corporate training is to ensure that every employee can put into practice what he or she has learnt. Corporate education is based on the knowledge transfer between employee and instructor/line manager and…. Read more

Staff Appraisal

staff appraisal

Staff Appraisal is an effective tool for tracking and managing staff performance. It is a great opportunity to let your staff know that they are valued and needed to achieve business goals and make the company successful. Staff appraisal meetings can be used to discuss with the employee his strengths and weaknesses, define new objectives…. Read more

How to manage employee productivity?

employee productivity

Employee productivity is important for the long-term competitiveness and profitability of businesses. It can be raised if it is managed and controlled systematically. Hire the right employees It is obvious that hiring decisions should be relied on identifying the right people for the job.  Personal interviews are not the only way to choose the perfect candidate….. Read more

What is E-learning?


E-learning refers to using electronic applications and digital tools to educate and transfer skills and knowledge.  It includes online learning, computer-based learning, virtual workshops, video conferencing, web forums, online libraries, mobile apps and other instruments. All content is delivered via the Internet and specialized software. It is a new approach to education and training where…. Read more

Employee Training

Training employees and managers is essential for all businesses. However, some companies still avoid it as it seems costly and time-consuming or they think that their executives are quite smart and require no training at all. As a result, it may cause a lot of misunderstandings and performance issues. Employee training helps your company to…. Read more

Why employees quit?

Employee retention is a burning issue as companies start recognizing how critical focusing on human capital management is to the accomplishment of their business goals. For any organization that wants to be successful, it is important to have top talents. Hence, when a valued employee quits you spend time interviewing new candidates and spend money…. Read more

Customer Training Online

High quality customer service is vital for all companies, as it has a direct impact on the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. The right client training platform allows customers to resolve their issues and problems quickly and competently and access to product information easily.  As a result, clients feel appreciated and respected and it…. Read more

Three tips for managing and retaining Millennials

Millennials, who are born between 1980 and 2000, are the largest generation in history and their job attitudes and aspirations will reshape the culture of the 21st century workplace.  They are talented and tech-savvy and the best of them are already in high demand. On the other hand, according to Deloitte Millennial Survey, the new generation…. Read more