5 e-learning Trends to Wave Goodbye to Today

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  The workplace environment is changing rapidly as business practices change along with the structures of organisations. E-learning has to change to reflect this if it is to remain useful. Here are five aspects of e-learning which are changing and where accepted practices are disappearing. Courses vs custom learning – Whereas many organisations have developed…. Read more

Top 10 e-learning content development companies

  Allen Interactions For more than 20 years, Allen Interactions has been delivering custom learning solutions. Its content services include custom e-learning, blended learning, games and simulations, microlearning, and mobile learning. ZebraZapps, its cloud-based visual editor enables you to create and publish mobile apps with real interactivity without a browser or player. Designing Digitally Designing…. Read more

The role of L&D and HR in successful LMS implementation

  People – the employees of an organisation – must always be the main focus of any learning management system. A human resources (HR) department exists to manage everything regarding the people in an organisation, from recruitment to payroll, while the role of the learning and development (L&D) team is to manage and provide people…. Read more

7 tips to use animations in e-learning

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Animation is a powerful tool for getting a point across to learners in e-learning courses. Here are seven tips for getting the best results from animation in your learning management system e-learning content. Use animation where appropriate and where it communicates a specific point effectively. Learners will get bored with endless animations that do not…. Read more

5 ways to create engaging e-learning content

Engaging Content

The best e-learning platforms depend on high quality content that engages learners effectively. Here are five ways to create engaging content for your corporate LMS. Clear objectives – Your learners need to know what they are going to achieve through the learning. Will it help them perform better in their jobs, leading to better rewards?…. Read more

What is E-learning?


E-learning refers to using electronic applications and digital tools to educate and transfer skills and knowledge.  It includes online learning, computer-based learning, virtual workshops, video conferencing, web forums, online libraries, mobile apps and other instruments. All content is delivered via the Internet and specialized software. It is a new approach to education and training where…. Read more

Bitesize Learning – As yummy as it sounds?

The rapid innovations and advances in smartphone adoption and Bitesize learning demand since the early 1990s has had a profound impact on the behavior of staff members and how they wish to complete their professional training. With Global IT expenditure on software and services predicted to rise to $3.5 Trillion in 2017[i], it has left…. Read more