Our system provides you with a detailed diagram, showing you how each user evaluated their own skills, and how they rate their colleagues completely anonymously. So you can always see a clear picture and compare the results.


You can also get a detailed summary report for each user, and see how they answered every question in the survey . As on occasion there may be several questions targeted to identify their level of each skill.


It is very easy to create 360 surveys from scratch, or add some existing questions that you used in the past from your skills bank.

Simply drag and drop your questions for each skill, add your survey description so the users understand your evaluation criteria when they start the survey.

Add your scales and categories, so it’s easy to find the survey later on and schedule them for the invites to be sent out to your staff, on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis completely automatically.

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With our surveys, you get a much wider variety of question types, including: multiple-choice, checkboxes, dropdowns, star ratings, matrix, text boxes and dates.


The system allows you to assign the surveys to specific users or everyone who is a part of a particular course, competency, team or department. You can even invite external users to take part, who will still be able to complete the survey without giving them full access to our system.

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