You can add the widgets, drag and drop them to be displayed in the order you want, change the layouts and the size of each widget.


The system allows you to easily white-label the interface of your LMS: company logos, favicons, fonts, emails, certificates, pop-ups, alerts and certificates according to your brand book.


You can choose an existing certificate template from our library and customise the colours, signatures, watermarks, add your company logo and select what data you would like to pull from the system to be displayed on your certificates. Our system allows you to set one default certificate for all courses or select different types of certificates for each course.

In case this is not enough, you can always provide us with your preferred certificate design and we can add it to your library.

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We understand that there could always be a scenario, where one of your employees may already be compliant and have an equivalent certificate.

Our system allows you to mark them as compliant and either use your default system certificate or upload their custom certificate, verify it and manually select their compliance and expiry dates.


One of the most important aspects in the beginning of implementation of your LMS is to ensure you have the correct data which our system can read. This is where our data mapping feature comes in handy allowing you to drag and drop and map your data fields with ours and add any custom fields in case we don’t have it. You can download our sample CSV and once you confirm it, the system will automatically update.


The system provides you with a wide range of actions, allowing admins to mark the users as compliant, non-compliant, renew their training, manually assign them to teams, competencies, courses, approve or block them, change their password, assign roles, send bulk messages, export in CSV or Excel and a lot more. These options appear in the right pop-up in any table which contains your data and these are fully mobile-responsive, which means you can do it on the go using your tablet or mobile device.


You can easily drag and drop and customise your filtering options to suit your needs. The system allows you to apply multiple filters at the same time to narrow down your results so you can always get the data you need at your finger tips.


Every organisation has different password and security policies. This is where your password settings come into play allowing you to to set-up automated password resets at your preferred frequency, generate random passwords or set-up a default password.

Furthermore, you can restrict it, so the system doesn’t allow your staff to use their names or previously used passwords to provide extra security.

“ “Delivering training in this way both upskills staff and enhances their confidence using IT
systems. I’m delighted that the Learning Hub is already adding value, both within the organisation
and on behalf of our clients.”

Managing Director Paul Worthington, LMH Group

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To prevent any suspicious activities, you can can set-up a maximum number of failed login attempts, set an incorrect login attempt window and account lockout duration.

If the user still fails to login and uses up all of their attempts, the system will automatically flag it up and notify your admin to take an action.


This feature allows you to set-up your default workflows and activate mandatory terms and conditions which the users would need to accept upon signing in, decide who in your organisation is responsible for approving enrolment requests, decide whether the users should be marked as non-compliant if they fail the course and a lot more.


We understand how important it is for some organisations to keep an archive of all their data even when the admins need to delete certain users or data so it doesn’t affect your reports and compliance. This feature allows you to keep track of any data that you delete on the system and decide if you want to keep it, restore or completely erase it from the system, giving a full control of your data and helping you to comply with your audit policies and local regulation.


Our system allows you to keep a full log of everything that happens on the system. For example, which users log in and when, from which IP address, device or browser. This way you will always be aware of what’s going on and in case someone performs a certain action by mistake or deliberately, you can always track it down and find out who did it.

In case you ever have an inspection or audit report, the system will always provide you the data you need to report to the relevant authorities or regulators.


The system allows you to keep track of all the email notifications which were ever sent out, filter it down by status and find out if the email was sent, delivered, opened or bounced back due to an incorrect email address or due to an error on your mail server. This ensures you never end up in a situation where one of your staff members claims that they haven’t received an email, whereas in fact you can clearly see that the email was sent, successfully delivered and opened by that employee.

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