The next one is your financial report, because hey, you need to know how much money you are spending!

The system will automatically gather the costs for each training event and populate this report based on the course, employees, teams, competencies, departments and time period.

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Next is your location report, which shows you your office map on the left with a filter by location in case you have branches internationally.

On the right-hand side you can see a snapshot of the compliance and financial report based on each office location you select and some average statistics such as the total number of employees, average training spend and compliance rate, which comes in handy in any organisation.


Wait, we are just warming up!

Here comes your company policy report, which shows you who has read and who hasn’t agreed to the various company policies. We have implemented a tracking mechanism which allows to prevent skipping so you can rest assured your staff have read it properly.


Our attendance report with custom filter options, so you can narrow it down to event, team, department and even user to see exactly how much money your company is losing when staff don’t attend, cancel or fail their training.

“Early results confirm that moving to consistent digital learning is having a big impact. In just two
weeks since launch, 66 HMS operatives have completed 180 refresher and development training
modules – ensuring knowledge across our key operational areas is consistent and kept up-to-

Liam Welch, People & Learning Advisor at HMS

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Some of our clients’ businesses are solely dependent on their partnerships, and being an accredited partner comes with its challenges. Our system allows you to easily track and see how many accreditations you currently have, or missing in order to keep your ‘accredited partner’ status.


If this is not enough already, our software allows you to schedule all of the reports you’ve seen so far, which will be sent to the relevant users in the format and frequency you choose completely automatically. The system then saves and remembers all the filters that you apply.

Once you set it all up, you literally don’t have to visit this page again. Spend this time on other more useful things and let our system ‘take care of it’.


We have a custom report builder, which allows you to generate any report you like, and then schedule it on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis. The beauty of this feature is that you can see the changes you make to the report, by visually reflecting selections on the left side of the screen as you go. Always remember – if we haven’t yet covered your specific need, let us know and we’ll see if we can add another report to our library.

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