The system allows you to easily see all available user permissions on one page, and specify what level of access you want to provide based on the user’s job role or, position within your company hierarchy.
You can save time by checking all the boxes automatically or adjust how many permissions you want to give for each feature inside our system – edit or view only.

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Get a clear view of your company hierarchy and what level of access you want to provide based on the user’s position.

Once you set-up the user permissions for each level, all the users with a specified job role will automatically inherit the permissions for their level, which can save you a lot of time when you have hundreds of job roles within your company.


We understand how important it is to ensure your staff can only see who they are supposed to.

Our system allows you to restrict the view, so the users can only see the colleagues who report to them directly, everyone underneath or restrict it to a specific competency, team or department.

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