You don’t like wasting time?

We HATE wasting time.

You spoke. We listened.
This is the future of Learning Technology.

After 5 years of intense research and testing with our clients, we have changed staff perception towards Learning Management Systems.

We have incorporated Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to create an indispensable tool to engage learners and help them map their career journeys.

My Learning Hub reviews on eLearning IndustryMy Learning Hub reviews on eLearning Industry

My Learning Hub - a system created for real people


The only system you’ll ever need to book your training

Use our training booking system to schedule events, set locations and to setup organisers availability.

Easily track attendance, track the costs, manage waiting list and share events with your colleagues.


Turn data into results

Imagine being able to instantly review any combination of data, anywhere, at any time, and then having it automatically sent to you or a colleague. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


Forever chasing compliance? We can help make it a task of the past.

Stop sending countless emails

Set reminders to effortlessly inform your colleagues and their managers about certificate expiry dates. They are sent automatically as many times as you need, months, weeks, days and even hours before they expire. Make sure what needs to be done, is done on time.

It’s important to know what’s happening

Receive instant notifications via email and SMS for any updates or changes. Customise the texts for each notification based on job roles and who receives it.

 “We completely rely on My Learning Hub for their Event Booking System; a lot of our training is done face to face.
They really are redefining the standard of an LMS.”

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API & Integrations

Powerful integrations. Flexible API.

Every feature in My Learning Hub has an API endpoint, which gives you full control of your data and how you would like to use it.

Connect directly from your app or website to My Learning Hub, without having to rely on any third-party services to get the data from A to B.


Understand learning effectiveness

Measure your learning transfer

Did your training impact your staff enough so that 4 weeks later, they are still using this best practice?

You can gauge participants’ reaction via automated surveys to gather relevant feedback about your training content and learner experience to help you assess the impact on your business and return on investment.

Be in the know

The feedback obtained from 360 Feedback can increase self-awareness, uncover blind spots and provide a better understanding to your staff in regards to the skills they should develop.

Join our weekly live webinar

Join us every Thursday at 4PM GMT for a crash course on how to set up My Learning Hub,
see the latest features, and get your questions answered.


Always be in control

Just how specific it can be

We understand that permission settings can bottle neck admin tasks to one usually very busy person. When learners are motivated to start, we don’t want anything to stand in the way. Need a password reset? The team manager can be given access to their team’s security settings, and no one else’s.

Keeping your data safe

With the increase of data leaks, breaches and new data protection laws, it became important, more than ever before to always stay in control of how much access you should provide to employees based on their position in the hierarchy. Our system allows you to set-up flexible role-based permissions.


Highly configurable and yet simple

Something new yet familiar

We want your LMS to feel like it was always a part of your business, you can completely customise the interface, notifications, certificates, and badges.

Making the shoe fit

We reverse-engineered our software based on the client feedback and our goal was to develop a highly configurable product and yet keep it simple.


Never be left scratching your head

Need a hand?

You can reach us on the phone, by raising a ticket, and on screen sharing sessions… Or if you don’t feel like talking to anyone that day, we have a full feature video based catalogue of ‘How-to’.

 “We have purchased many SaaS solutions over the years but the speed and depth
My Learning Hub are prepared to go to has even developed how we support our own customers.”

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Simple and beautiful user-centred design

To make it successful the LMS must have a simple and yet functional user interface which works for both learners and administrators. Improve user adoption and make the learning experience engaging.

Start learning better today