Top 10 authoring tools

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    Published on January 3, 2018

Top 10 authoring tools

When creating your own e-learning content for your company’s learning management system, you want to use the best content authoring tools. Here is our top 10 pick – most offer free trials:


Adapt is a project to create the leading authoring tool for producing responsive, multi-device e-learning. It is a responsive open source tool based on HTML5 and can be used across all devices. It has an intuitive interface, SCORM compatibility and can be used by content creators without programming experience as well as developers. Developers have created a choice of plugins to extend Adapt’s capabilities.

Pricing: Free

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate creates fully responsive content using Fluid Boxes and can transform legacy courses to responsive e-learning. You can design many types of content including simulations, HD demos and assessments with just one tool. Create storyboards using Adobe Captivate Draft and turn them seamlessly into courses with more than 75,000+ free assets.

Pricing: £25.28 plus VAT per month.


Agylia’s authoring module is designed for large-scale creation of high-quality and engaging HTML5-based e-learning content. Agylia generates HTML5 output and supports SCORM 1.2 and TinCanAPI standards. It is easy to use and supports a wide range of device types, including tablets. Agylia’s ‘occasionally connected’ architecture enables authors to work both online and offline, anywhere and any time. Agylia supports media including images, videos and audio, and interactions such as image pop-ups, walkthroughs, click tables and games. It features built-in support for knowledge checks and randomised assessments to help learners monitor their progress.

Pricing: Contact direct.

Articulate Storyline

Storyline 360 can be used to develop custom, interactive courses that work on every device without manual tweaking. Aimed at both novices and experts, it can create a wide selection of interactive materials, all through a web browser. It includes Rise, which can build fully responsive courses in minutes.

Pricing: from $999 per user annually.


Elucidat is a simple-to-use authoring tool that gives you full control over your branding by creating styles from your dashboard, which you can use to brand multiple projects. Content is fully responsible on all devices and works with screen readers such as JAWs, adhering to a very high level of accessibility standards, including the US Section 508,  without having to create separate course versions. It also offers an extensive asset library and powerful translation tools for content localisation.

Pricing: Contact direct.


Evlove aims to make content creation simple. It creates HTML5 eLearning content that works on any platform or device using responsive design. It integrates easily with SCORM, TinCan, Moodle and other LMS platforms. Interactions include interactive video, flip cards, carousels, flow charts and sliders, while its Question Interactions are effective at testing learning with extensions to reward it.

Pricing: from £24 per month per user.


The Gomo learning suite can be used to easily build multi-device HTML5 e-learning content and effortlessly distribute it and monitor its effectiveness. Its cloud-based architecture enables teams and designers to collaborate remotely to speed up development. Features include multiple language support via XLIFF translation export/import, easy rebranding through editing themes and online review/preview with full workflow.

Pricing: from $178 per month.


Lectora includes a suite of authoring tools for desktop and online. Lectora’s tools enable creation of content using responsive design that can be accessed on all devices. Features include autoplay, so that media play automatically when a page is opened to simplify delivery of narrated or video content, and anchoring objects to a location on a page, so that they stay there even when users scroll. This is especially useful in mobile content to anchor logos, headers/footers, navigation controls, images and videos. Lectora offers integration with Camtasia and Snagit for video recording and image editing.

Pricing: Specific pricing per tool.


nimble®Author is aimed at easy creation of engaging e-learning courses with no need for technical knowledge or training. The user-friendly interface allows rapid course authoring based around a sound instructional framework. It is cloud-based so no installation or download is required and courses can be created directly from its web site. Courses can be built collaboratively and published to SCORM 1.2 in seconds for playback on desktop and mobile devices. Developers can brand courses with corporate colour schemes and logos, and there is a royalty-free image library available.

Pricing: £850 plus VAT.


Znanja offers powerful authoring tools that range from an intuitive, simple-to-use interface for novices to advanced tools for experts. If you wish, you can choose to program javascript, CSS and HTML. A full library of CSS animations can be applied without any programming knowledge, so that anyone can create courses with animation and movement. Znanja offers full branding for your courses, which are fully responsive to run on all types of device.

Pricing: from £99 per month.

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