LMS for onboarding

  Estimates that replacing a staff member can cost £20-£30,000 and that new joiners generally reach optimum productivity after 20-30 weeks highlight the importance of onboarding best practices and an effective employee retention strategy. If you want every new joiner to become a productive, long-term member of staff, good onboarding is essential. While one-to-one training…. Read more

Evolution of learning management systems

  Organisations have managed learning in one way or another for centuries, but it is the development and proliferation of computing and communications devices that have brought learning management systems to where they are today. Below are just a few of the significant events in the development and uptake of the LMS. While there have…. Read more

What is a Learning Management System?

  A learning management system gives an organisation the technology tools to put its learning strategy into practice. Implemented effectively, an LMS puts learning at the heart of a business to ensure it continuously develops a skilled, motivated and productive workforce to satisfy its current and future needs. An LMS can manage all aspects of…. Read more

LMS for Training Partners

  Where you work with partners to assemble your products, resell them or sell them as part of a franchise, your corporate learning management system can ensure they are fully trained on all aspects of your business and products, and meet your quality standards through tailored partner e-learning content. Use your LMS to provide this…. Read more

LMS for Course Providers

  Selling e-learning courses is possible for every size of business with a learning management system. For many course providers, two of the biggest concerns will be technical: where to host the content and how to sell courses online? A cloud-based LMS provider can provide the hosting solution including management of hosting, delivery and, of…. Read more

LMS for Public Sector: Councils and Housing Associations

  The public sector continues to face some of the biggest challenges ever as events such as Brexit signal immense future change at every level of government while causing uncertainty in the present. The sector also continues to experience funding cuts, so that employees are under more pressure but required to provide the same and,…. Read more

LMS for Training Clients

  Acquiring a new client costs more than retaining an existing one, so ensuring a new client remains loyal and buys from you again is important for future business growth. Helping customers get the best value from your products and services is one way to build loyalty. Whether you produce industrial equipment, consumer gadgets or…. Read more

The stages of e-learning development

    To ensure e-learning content for your learning management system is developed to deliver training effectively, follow the steps below. Establish your business objective – Is there a problem you need to resolve? What do employees need to learn in order to be able to achieve this objective? Assess existing training materials – Do…. Read more

Does Your LMS Have Career Maps?

LMS Career Map Main

  Career mapping is a valuable tool for both organisations and their employees. Where a business is unclear about what learning and development its employees require to achieve its business objectives or employees are confused about what development options are available to them, career maps delivered through a learning management system can provide much-needed clarity….. Read more