Hiring the right onboarding manager

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    Published on September 25, 2017


Recently onboarding has become a popular term to characterize the new employee initiation process. Onboarding programs integrate a newcomer into the corporate culture, reduce employee turnover and prevent future spending on recruiting.

It makes the job of the onboarding manager critical. The right onboarding manager is responsible for inspiring great performance in newcomers. He conducts newcomer orientation, connects employees to colleagues and creates an engaging environment. The onboarding manager also provides coaching, informs new hires about company’s goals and culture and controls results of employee onboarding. Thus, it is important to have an efficient executive who can handle the entire process.

There are several things you need to keep in mind when hiring an onboarding manager:

  • The right onboarding manager is a strong individual with a highly professional attitude who can treat employees properly regardless of circumstances.
  • A good onboarding manager should have strong verbal and written communication skills. These skills are essential to communicate efficiently with new hires and make the onboarding process run smoothly.
  • The onboarding manager should be enthusiastic and open-minded as it helps to inspire new employees and make the eagerness to work an essential part of the corporate culture.
  • The manager needs to be able to accept new ideas and adopt the best onboarding practices. New technologies change recruiting and training methods. Thus, the person who is going to oversee the whole onboarding process should utilise all new resources to evaluate employees and track their progress. Moreover, it is crucial to hire an executive who is open to feedback and uses it to improve the onboarding methods and help the company to function better.

It is not an easy task to find the right person who can handle the employee onboarding process. Choose My Learning Hub and learn how our platform can help managers to optimise their onboarding processes.

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