How to manage employee productivity?

employee productivity

Employee productivity is important for the long-term competitiveness and profitability of businesses. It can be raised if it is managed and controlled systematically.

Hire the right employees

It is obvious that hiring decisions should be relied on identifying the right people for the job.  Personal interviews are not the only way to choose the perfect candidate. Some companies use pre-employment tests to screen job applicants. It can include testing of knowledge, professional skills, language proficiency, emotional intelligence etc.  Learning management systems offer an opportunity to test potential candidates online, automatically issue test results and certificates.  It helps to improve the hiring process and find suitable candidates.

Measure the results, not hours

The metric that matters is the completion of certain tasks, not the number of hours spent in the office. Every employee should have clear objectives that are tied to company’s goals. The right software allows you to create tasks and delegate them to employees, set up due dates, and control the results.  Moreover, if you allow staff to follow their own schedules it will make them more productive.

Challenge employees

Some companies don’t always have the additional financial resources to hire new people, so the best way to improve employee productivity in the workplace can be to challenge and motivate the existing staff. It can also increase their level of job satisfaction. Show that you believe in them by giving them new tasks that will challenge and push them beyond their limits.

Reward great performance

It is crucial to have a strategic reward system for meeting objectives and initial goals. Rewarding performance can be a great motivator to increase staff productivity.

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