Corporate Training

corporate training

Corporate training is related to the essential tasks that staff need to perform in an effective and competent manner. The main role of corporate training is to ensure that every employee can put into practice what he or she has learnt. Corporate education is based on the knowledge transfer between employee and instructor/line manager and is also a way to retain key people within the company.

E-learning is growing in popularity and organisations are looking for flexible corporate training systems to increase employee productivity.  New technologies give the opportunity to train staff at any location, with customised content created to meet your organization’s goals.

A proper corporate training system is an off-the-shelf platform that you can buy on a subscription basis. You have options for personalisation like adding a logo and changing colours or you can ask for deeper customisation and integration with other internal systems your company uses to manage day-to-day business operations. You can simply add your learners, training materials, and other relevant files. It is designed for basic computer users who are not necessarily digitally savvy so the system must have a simple and intuitive interface. Learning Management System can be used to monitor staff progress and alert the users if they need to complete some mandatory training or in case their existing certificates are due to expire.

Moreover, the LMS supplier should provide ongoing support in accordance with agreed Service Level Agreement. The users should be able to easily report any technical issues and there should be a ticketing system in place to assign priority levels and inform the users when their issue is resolved.

My Learning Hub corporate training platform can equip your employees with essential skills and knowledge to meet new goals and challenges. It is more cost-effective than a classroom-based alternative and available 24/7, allowing your employees to study at their own pace. To evaluate My Learning Hub system, start a free trial today.

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