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    Published on February 9, 2018


Acquiring a new client costs more than retaining an existing one, so ensuring a new client remains loyal and buys from you again is important for future business growth.

Helping customers get the best value from your products and services is one way to build loyalty. Whether you produce industrial equipment, consumer gadgets or software, most products will provide better results when users receive training in how to operate them.

Today few people want to read a user manual. These are also costly to print and date fast when products are superseded by newer models. E-learning delivered through your LMS provides an effective way to provide tailored, up-to-date training on the product a customer has purchased.

Build customer loyalty through training

Make e-learning available specifically to customers. If it is publicly available, training content has less value. By making it available after purchase or selectively to customers thinking about purchasing, you demonstrate good care customer care.

Your LMS has to be easy to use. Users will often want to find the information they need fast and will be frustrated by having to learn how to navigate a ‘clunky’ LMS that is not intuitive to use. Also, programme your LMS so that when the customer logs in they are presented with content relevant to the product they have purchased and don’t have to search for it.

Individuals will favour different learning styles, so make e-learning available in different formats. Some will prefer to read a manual in its entirety, so make this available as a PDF. Others will prefer to jump straight to specific topics and will benefit from microlearning where specific topics are covered in small bitesize chunks taking a few minutes to complete. Short animations and videos can demonstrate a task very effectively and help to get a customer up and running fast. These are also useful as refreshers when a customer has forgotten how to do something and needs to be reminded fast.

Social learning, including question and answer resources, wikis and user forums, can also help to share knowledge among your users and build a community of loyal customers. This will also reduce customer service calls by answering many basic questions and making it easier for customers to explore all features to get the best use out of their product.

Where your CRM is integrated with your LMS, you can also target specific content at users. For example, if you discover that some customers are damaging their products through incorrect usage, you could encourage all customers owning that model to watch a short training video to remedy this.

Your LMS can also record what training customers complete to analyse their interests and feed this back to your CRM so that sales staff can see what further products they might be interested in buying.

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