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    Published on February 9, 2018


Where you work with partners to assemble your products, resell them or sell them as part of a franchise, your corporate learning management system can ensure they are fully trained on all aspects of your business and products, and meet your quality standards through tailored partner e-learning content.

Use your LMS to provide this training to partners anywhere in the world, bringing them up to speed fast without them having to travel to classroom courses. If you operate in or distribute through many countries, make sure your LMS can localise content to deliver it in the language spoken in a specific market.

As your representatives or agents, you need them to want to learn all about your business and products so it is vital that accessing and navigating your LMS is easy for partner staff.

Create or repurpose specific onboarding content for your partners, educating them about your organisation, your culture, your mission and your products and services. Demonstrate your brand and how you need your partners to present and sell your products. You need them to reflect and commit to your own values to maintain your good reputation when dealing with customers.

Achieving their buy-in is essential and engaging content will help to achieve this. Use video and animation to create engagement by telling stories with which partner staff can identify.

Maintaining consistent quality standards across every market is also important and your LMS can measure these through interactive assessments and quizzes that test the knowledge of partner staff. You might also require the successful completion of formal assessments for partners to be certified as your authorised partners in a territory.

As well as providing this content for partners, you also have encourage them to use it. Make sure e-learning is available through all devices, desktop and mobile, and consider using gamification to incentivise the completion of training courses. If your LMS is integrated with your CRM, you could incorporate this with sales incentives set for partners so that it is an integral element of the partnership.

If your LMS features artificial intelligence (AI), it can analyse the effectiveness of e-learning content for your partners and suggest how you can improve it.

Working with partners, especially remotely, requires continuous management and your LMS can support you in making sure that relationships are strong and successful, and that partners remain loyal.

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