Does Your LMS Have Career Maps?

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    Published on September 2, 2019

LMS Career Map


Career mapping is a valuable tool for both organisations and their employees. Where a business is unclear about what learning and development its employees require to achieve its business objectives or employees are confused about what development options are available to them, career maps delivered through a learning management system can provide much-needed clarity.

Every employee has different learning needs and a career map outlines the different pathways available to reach a specific job role or level, just as a geographical map shows different ways of travelling from one location to another.

A business can use career maps to create a selection of career paths for developing its people so that they acquire the expertise, experience and capabilities it needs across its workforce. If employees can’t see their way forward, they can feel lost and become demotivated. Career maps can help individuals to feel valued members of their organisation and improve employee retention by showing what career progression and rewards are available to them.

Businesses can also create learning pathways, based on the requirements of a specific job role, location, compliance or competency needs, to show what learning an employee needs to undertake to progress in a specific career direction.

Individual employees can use career pathways to shape their development, putting into their own context the learning or job experience that will help them reach their desired level or role. This provides clarity by showing clear, achievable steps they can take to move forward.

Career mapping is a vital element of LMS systems, supporting line managers, HR and L&D departments in managing the development of individuals and teams. It also provides the basis for an individual’s learning and a guide against which they can measure their progress.

Career mapping should be available in any LMS you use and is a prominent feature of the My Learning Hub LMS.


How do career maps work?

My Learning Hub provides career maps to show employees what opportunities are available and how they can manage their own progression.

Employees can view the company hierarchy to see what jobs roles exist.


Employees can also read job descriptions for all roles to find full details of a job, the salary and what training and qualifications it requires.


My Learning Hub shows employees what job roles they could switch to from their current role.


It also shows the employee’s position in relation to their current team.

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