5 signs it’s time to wave goodbye to your learning management system

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    Published on February 9, 2018

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When you’ve invested a lot of time and resources in developing or implementing a learning management system but learning is still an issue, it could be time to replace your LMS.

Not being used – If employees aren’t using your LMS, you’re not only losing out on your investment but missing out on developing your workforce. Is your LMS too difficult to use? Do trainers and instructors use other training methods because your LMS doesn’t enable them to deliver their courses effectively? Does your LMS use gamification to incentivise learning?

No personalisation – When signing on, all learners are offered the same options. Every employee has different training needs and your LMS should use adaptive learning to match relevant training content to an individual’s learning needs and career aspirations. If the content isn’t targeted, employees won’t see courses that will interest or help them, even though they might be available.

No reporting – You can see that employees have completed training, but your LMS does not report whether they are improving their work or personal development. Your LMS should give you detailed data on employees, what training they need, what potential they display and how you can develop this. Integration with your legacy systems combined with predictive analytics can provide much greater value from data which already exists in your organisation to help you develop the full potential of your people.

Take it or leave it – Your employees only have access to general courses. Your LMS should be able to provide custom training on specific topics. Where a production problem can be resolved through introducing a new process, your LMS should be able to help develop and deliver tailored training for this fast.

Inconvenience – Employees can only access training courses from their desktop PCs or, even worse, in classrooms. If training is only possible outside their usual workplace, it is an inconvenience. Your LMS should be able to deliver content to employees when and where it’s convenient for them, whether by PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

All these issues are obstructions to learning and can be eliminated with an up-to-date corporate LMS.

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