My Learning Hub can be used in a number of industries. Whether you run a small machinery shop or are in charge of a huge factory, training your employees plays a major role in maintaining safety, quality and efficiency.

Making sure that employees are properly trained and compliant with the latest safety standards and regulations is an absolute must.


One of the challenges in the manufacturing industry is using sub-contractors. It is hard to make sure that they provide the same high quality service at all times.

Internal standards of one of the contractors may sometimes slip and to prevent any costly mistakes, you can use My Learning Hub to carry out annual or quarterly training to review and qualify them.


It is crucial to continuously train your employees to keep them focused on quality assurance.

Well trained employees are more efficient and productive, providing major benefits to any manufacturing business.

My Learning Hub

The system can be useful for you, no matter whether you are running a small production or a large enterprise.

Staff training plays a key role in ensuring the safety, quality control and efficiency of your organisation.

Easily manage permissions and access control

Easily manage permissions and access control

Easily manage permissions and access control


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All available e-learning courses can be easily white-labelled and adjusted in compliance with the latest regulations, which helps us to keep all training content up-to-date.

My Learning Hub allows us to develop and maintain courses ourselves without any additional costs or outsourcing to the third parties. Our LMS includes interactive elements designed to keep learners engaged and enables simple evaluation of staff competencies.

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