The hospitality industry is known to have a high staff turnover.

Companies spend a lot of time, energy and resources increasing the number of applications, investing substantial amounts to advertise their vacancies and use various technologies to scan resumés.

Statistics show that over 82% of candidates are not able to fulfil the requirements of their job description.

According to Deloitte 44% of Millenials expect to leave their job within 2 years, which is to increase to 66% within 5 years. Less than 16% expect to stay for longer than 5-10 years.


In the hospitality sector you can invest a lot of money into infrastructure, expand worldwide, provide a wider choice of services, however, customer satisfaction is something you cannot buy.

You can build it over time and lose it in a split second. You can achieve high customer satisfaction figures and good reviews in one country, but it might be hard to replicate it in another due to different cultures and mentalities.

Communication, Customer Service and Cleanliness are the three key elements of well trained hotel staff. Keeping these three elements at a high standard in all of your hotel locations might be challenging.


How to approach guests from different nationalities is a skill all hotel staff must be trained in.

Dealing with difficult customers or hotel guests might not be as complicated as it sounds, but making sure your staff know how to deal with them is key to maintaining your brand and reputation.


My Learning Hub ensures all staff are well trained to the same standard.

Our collaboration tools allow users to share their expertise across regional branches, so you can leverage on staff competencies.


Leave expensive on-site training and assigning supervisors behind.

Teams can now focus on doing their job, enabling companies to achieve maximum efficiency and high levels of customer service.

My Learning Hub

The system can be useful for you, no matter whether you are running a small production or a large enterprise.

Staff training plays a key role in ensuring the safety, quality control and efficiency of your organisation.

Easily manage permissions and access control

Easily manage permissions and access control

Easily manage permissions and access control


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All available e-learning courses can be easily white-labelled and adjusted in compliance with the latest regulations, which helps us to keep all training content up-to-date.

My Learning Hub allows us to develop and maintain courses ourselves without any additional costs or outsourcing to the third parties. Our LMS includes interactive elements designed to keep learners engaged and enables simple evaluation of staff competencies.

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