Top 5 Project Management Mistakes You Need To Avoid


What is Project Management? It’s a process of planning and controlling resources to execute projects and achieve goals. It’s a temporary activity for organizations that enables them to produce a certain product, service or attain specific results. Therefore, the main responsibilities of the project manager are to plan, execute, measure and finish the work to meet a deadline. It requires a certain set of skills and professional qualities to manage all internal operations. Here we outlined briefly top mistakes that every project manager needs to avoid before starting to work.

  • No understanding of customer needs 

It’s crucial to identify needs of your potential clients to deliver value through your project.

  • Failure to align the project to strategic objectives 

You need to be sure that the project itself will serve the long-term strategy of the company.

  • Failure to lead and motivate the team 

Sometimes we focus too much on tasks instead of people while it’s important to motivate a team well enough to achieve positive results.

  • Not identifying and mitigating risks 

You need to be rational and reduce potential risks beforehand.

  • Being reactive instead of proactive 

Reactive management is stressful and insufficient. Take the initiative and plan ahead for threats and opportunities.


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 Valeriya Polevikova



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