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The right learning management system software can significantly improve the performance of your company as it allows HR managers to: design, implement, analyze and evaluate corporate training programs to ensure employees realize their potential. It gives the opportunity to combine training initiatives with a variety of activities and provide the professional development of employees by tracking their performance, promotion and building effective talent pools.

A learning management system offers the features a company needs to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and retain the best workers. With an LMS you can develop online courses, exams, and assessments, export results to make reports for senior managers. It allows inviting executives to start learning and makes possible to generate and send certificates of completion automatically. By analyzing performance metrics you can measure the effectiveness of training, encourage feedback and design new courses needed for completing development plans. A good LMS helps organizations to comply with industry regulations and procedures and ensures that all staff have necessary training.

Employees can also benefit from an LMS software as they can study the course at their own pace, meet their coach and colleagues in virtual classrooms, and also prepare themselves for the exams by solving quizzes whenever they want. Moreover, the right LMS facilitates onboarding of new hires as it makes it easier to provide newcomers with study materials online and minimizes the need for face-to-face training sessions, thus reducing the workload for HR and OD managers. A good learning management system can significantly reduce the cost of onboarding procedures. At the same time, it helps to strengthen the learning quality and retain your top performers.

Therefore, it is no surprise managers are beginning to realize the importance and benefits of an LMS application as an effective tool that bridges a skills gap and limits employee turnover.

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