How To Prepare For A Virtual Job Interview: 5 Essential Tips


Today a lot of companies interview their potential candidates via Skype, Live Messenger or other virtual platforms. It helps to reduce travel costs and find a right person much quicker. So, how can you make a good impression on an employer from a distance?

1. Practice makes perfect. 

It’s essential to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Use a recording programme to see how your speech looks on the computer display. Practise with someone else you can trust and ask for feedback. It will help to understand you strengths and weaknesses and will improve your speech.

2. Clean up. 

Clean your room and remove everything in the background that can distract the interviewer. Take some time to polish up your at-home appearance as well. It has an important psychological aspect as it assists you to switch your mind to professional mode.

3.  Check the technology.

Make sure that you have a fast broadband connection and the Internet works. Test all equipment and check the webcam, the sound and make sure that the picture is clear and the lighting is ok. Don’t forget to add your interviewer to a contact list.

4. Check your profile. 

Make sure that your virtual username and profile picture look professional and they are appropriate for the interview.

5.  Use notes.

One of the advantages of the video interviews is that you can place your CV in front of you, questions you want to ask, any news or other important notes. But make sure that you are familiar with a material and don’t read off.


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Valeriya Polevikova




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