How Corporations Use eLearning Platforms

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Today every company can benefit from the opportunities that eLearning platforms can offer in terms of training, employee’s professional development, reducing costs and working with partners and clients. Let’s have a look how corporations have already used online learning platforms:

1. Recruitment via eLearning

Companies are paying MOOC platforms to find the brightest and the most promising online students who can be possible candidates for the job vacancy. For example, AT&T is sponsoring the course of Computer science at Georgia Institute of Technology in order to enroll employees afterwards.

2. Staff training 

Google has enrolled 80,000 employees in the HTML5 course provided by one of the popular MOOC platforms. This is a great example how a huge corporation may train its employees using the benefits of online learning.  Recently Google has also developed its own digital marketing course and today it offers corporate packages for companies to train their workforce.

3. Customer Education

E-learning systems can be used not just to train staff but also to educate potential clients. For instance, The International Monetary Fund has been developing online courses about debt and financial policy making for civil servants.

4.  Encourage self-directed learning

Some companies and organizations are not ready to implement staff training, however, they may encourage their personnel to take online courses to advance their skills and work better. Giving employees permission to learn online for 1-2 hours at work can also increase their  job satisfaction.


Therefore, eLearning can be an effective tool to provide solutions for real-life business issues.

Valeriya Polevikova

Marketing Assistant at Unius Learning


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