Employment Skills: How To Perform Well In Job Interviews

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Plenty of candidates get nervous at job interviews because they know that their qualifications and skills are just a part of what the HR manager is looking for. Whether you get a job depends mostly on how you perform at an interview. Here we outlined some guidelines how you should prepare and behave at the interview to land the dream job.

1. Think about what your employer is really looking for 

What does the interviewer want to see in the perfect candidate? Probably, he or she wants to understand your motivation, test your skills, see your knowledge of the company. You need to do some research on the corporate culture and the mission statement of the firm. Deepen your knowledge of the job description and person specification to be sure that you understand the role properly. Also check the recent trends and changes in your industry.

2. Use the STAR technique to prepare

HR managers might be looking for very specific capabilities or competencies such as leadership, team work or problem-solving.  Hence, recruiters often ask candidates to prove the potential value and give a concrete example. It’s called a competency-based interview. In this case, use the STAR technique to prepare. The STAR (Situation – Task – Action – Result) model is a framework for answering behavioral questions by presenting the context of the story, explaining the task you had to complete, describing actions you took and results you achieved. Create a list of answers in this format in advance.

3.  First impressions are everything. 

Keep smiling and show the positive side of your personality. Also be confident and enthusiastic about the job offer from the start. Thank the HR manager for taking the time to meet with you.

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