A Career in Marketing: Top-4 Skills Every Graduate Should Have


In the world of fast-paced media, from radio and TV to social networks, there is a growing demand for outstanding marketing specialists who are able to develop great campaigns to promote a product, a service or an idea. In this context, career progression is firmly linked to acquiring key skills. No doubt, it’s essentially important for recent graduates who lack professional experience in marketing but still want to impress a recruiter. Here we tried to summarize top skills you need to be successful in your future career:

1. Analytical skills

Analytical skills are vital for the marketing manager. At work you will have to organize different market research studies, including surveys, interviews, and focus groups and analyze gathered data.  Moreover, using these findings, you should be able to reveal customer’s behaviour and pick up trends and key patterns that will help to develop a marketing strategy. Therefore, you need to be familiar with statistics and analysis, qualitative, and quantitative research methods and be ready to present your results using computer technologies.

2. Writing skills 

Writing a compelling story, using keywords and SEO, publishing and promoting your content are parts of marketer’s responsibilities as well. Start practising today and create your own blog and try to identify what topics will be interesting for your target audience and prepare your content calendar. Follow blogs of famous brands and think what makes their stories so popular.

3. Social Media Marketing

While most of us are aware of Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks and use them on a daily basis, employers want to know how you are going to leverage these traffic sources as a part of the digital marketing strategy. So, be aware of the latest tools and trends and show how to use them practically.

4. SEO

You don’t have to be a SEO guru (as it implies another job position itself) but it’s essential to have the general understanding of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. It’s a great source of traffic that depends on links, keywords, content and technical elements of the website. And basic knowledge of that will be another plus to your resume.


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Valeriya Polevikova

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